“If you subscribe to [Mikey], you’re gonna get a certain level of quality” (Quote taken from his 1 Million Subscribers thank you video)

Sounds good, right?
Mikey Bolts is a quite popular Youtube personality, known mostly for his impressions of Family Guy and also Spongebob, but also song covers (sometimes even in those voices) like Timber, Talk Dirty or #SELFIE. His channel started in 2008 with Mikey uploading videos to put them on his friend’s myspace page.

With 22 years of age he is one of the younger Youtube stars. Mikey is from Sacramento, California. Not only is he know for his impressive impressions, he is also notorious due to his…special facial expressions.

Yup, special…:)

Aside from aforementioned song covers, Mikey uploads many videos commenting on current situations or trends or generally social tendencies. For example, he has made a small series of videos “What Girls do in the Bathroom”, which I definitely recommend checking out!

Basically, I think that his videos could be seen as sort of a vlog, only he specializes on a certain topic in each video on which he comments. When I first saw his videos I thought he was pretty offensive to women. Then I watched some more and realized, if he is offensive at all, it is actually to all people equally. Which I think makes his jokes okay.

In his 25 Facts About Me video, Mikey recounts that he has got a tortoise named lightning bolts. Maybe because it’s so fast?

He also states that his favorite movie is Liar Liar and that he used to play football in high school. Mikey also says that he wasn’t very good at it.
Moreover, Mikey plays the guitar and loves Sushi and Chick-fil-A (American fast food chain with chicken sandwich as specialty).

Mikey explains in several videos that he’s had weight problems until 2013. (Is it just me or does this seem to be a common problem for youtubers?) However, he managed to reduce his weight by about 40 pounds (around 18 kg) and continues to go to the gym.

As you can tell from the title, Mikey has got two channels: his original, Mikey Bolts and a second one, mikey, mostly for Q&As and that kind of videos to better connect with his viewers (there is also an introductory video about his pet tortoise if you are interested). Currently he has got over 130.5 thousand subscribers on that channel.
To compare, Mikey has over a million subs over on his main channel (1,132,291 as of 24.07.2014, 18:50 o’clock).

Which I believe is definitely deserved, since he is a single guy working on these videos. Also he has a talent of picking interesting topics to talk about and presenting them in a hilarious way. Addditionally, the aforementioned offenses are so rare, even though he speaks truthfully about his opinions, it is usually also a commonly shared opinion. Like for example when he talks about guys in the friendzone (FRIEND ZONE FELLAS). Mikey states a couple of symptoms that somebody may be in the friendzone.
Does that hurt anybody? No.
Is it entertaining? Yes!

So there you have it, if you like funny commentary on really random topics, go check out Mikey. I’ll have a video of his waiting for you down below.

As for the final rating I give Mikey nine out of ten. He’s hilarious! Then again your moods can always change so who knows, maybe sometimes he’s more of an eight, some other times he’s a ten.



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