Wow, if my full name was as long as his, I definitely would get a less complicated Youtube nickname!

Since it’s the name that’s being used in most of his videos, in the following he will simply be referred to as Nova. He was born on June 1st 1990, so today he’s 24 years old. Nova makes mostly gaming commentary videos, but also collaboration with other youtubers like Sp00n, Kootra and even Cryaotic and Pewdiepie (which is a little strange as I will explain later).

Because he publishes new videos every day, there are over 4.5 thousand on his channel right now. His viewers are enjoying this: as of July 2014 Nova has got over 2.5 Million subscribers. Due to his popular videos he’s even had great impact on some renowned games. Among those is the indie game Happy Wheels, where Nova got to do the voice over to the 2012 added character Pogo stick man. If you want to check out the game yourself, here’s a link to it:

Nova started his Youtube career with Machinima, but eventually focused more on his own channel than theirs. On his wikitubia site it states that Nova thinks eating and drinking during a video is totally unprofessional, however, he does both regularly.

Nova is part of the gaming group the Creatures, which also include Sp00n, Kootra, Ze and other youtubers. The group used to live together in “The Creature house” in Colorado USA, but eventually the house didn’t exist anymore since the lease was ending. Now they have the Creature Office, which is an office space where every member of the Creatures has their own office, as well as there being an office where they make collaboration videos (alongside a kitchen, living room, etc.).


Nova makes a ton of different kinds of gameplay videos so there are a ton of different games on his channels. Some of his signature games, though, include Happy Wheels (see above ;)), gmod, gta and Minecraft.

Now, coming back to the collaborations I mentioned before, since Happy Wheels is also a signature game for Pewdiepie (and Tobuscus) there is some tension between the fan parties of these youtubers. Also in Happy Wheels there are sooo many fan submitted levels and some of those include levels against either Pewdiepie or Nova, depending by which fan party the level is made. The same goes for Tobuscus, by the way, however, not as bad as for these two.

Which is why it might be surprising to see that there is a collab-video between Pewdiepie and Nova where they play Nonsesical Worms along with Cry and Sp00n. What you might notice is that there is Cry, who definitely belongs to the common collaboration partners of Pewds. And there is Sp00n who is a typical collaboration partner of Nova (also part of the Creatures). Even with this collaboration there has been some tension between the fans, some of them claiming that the collaboration seemed forced and wouldn’t help with the “fan wars” (taken from http://thecreaturesecrets.tumblr.com/page/4).


Personally I think that fangirling over ‘celebrities’ is completely okay, as long as it doesn’t come to this. It’s almost becoming as bad as religions that don’t want to let other religions co-exist, and this is not what Youtube is meant to inspire.

Now I will probably not really help the matter by rating these three guys so differently, but hey, everybody should form their own opinion, I’m just stating mine here!

I could not even really explain why I like Pewdiepie the best of the three; probably, though, because I discovered him first and liked the way he was playing.
Either way, I rate Nova six out of ten. Mostly because most of the gameplay videos that he has, I already saw by someone else (again, I didn’t concern myself with Nova until not long ago!)

Go ahead and leave some comments with your opinion. 🙂

Here is the video of Nova revealing his being Pogo stick man:



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