Dating in Midlife: will you believe you can find really love online?

Author and success advisor Rebecca Perkins provides the lowdown on online dating in midlife.


I’m asked about it very nearly each day.  And then we consistently learn it online and into the press

“really does online dating sites actually work now I am in midlife?”

“internet dating? Oh no, my pal mentioned she merely actually ever appears to meet weirdos.”

“All older the male is wanting more youthful women. What is the point, I’ll never discover someone my own age.”

“I heard these scary stories of terrible times from buddies of friends, it all seems very negative.”


I want to set the record right. We found my personal man online I found myself 49, he had been 51. I’ve pals in midlife who possess satisfied their unique associates using the internet. It functions. It really is all well and good me telling you it really works but the trick right here isâ?¦.what do you actually think?

Listed here is the fact. Everything believe, goes a considerable ways from what you will find you experience online. Think about it in this way. Do you actually find parking places effortlessly? I do. I do because I-go out wanting a parking space and never “I never discover everywhere to playground.” Does which make feeling?


  • Think about this and be extremely truthful inside response. Have you been going on the internet to locate “there are only weirdos around.” “my pals let me know I’ll most likely never discover anybody on line because all dudes are having midlife crises and hoping females twenty years more youthful than by themselves.” “I detest having to repeat this, it seems terrible trawling through these pictures” “all of the midlife females on line seem thus major and uptight”?


  • Mindset is not everything but it is a big chunk of what is important when online dating. What about going regarding it in a special much more open and interesting way? Check out the attitude. How about becoming a glass half-full kinda person while focusing on the advantages?


  • You will want to venture out looking for the achievements stories rather. Think about thinking you will and may meet someone which you relate to who’s only your sort?


  • Do all you can to create yourself upwards for achievement without problem. Will you be a person who self sabotages frequently? Take a good look at the underlying issues with a friend or give consideration to working with a coach.


  • Exactly how open-minded are you presently? Do you have a hard and fast notion of exacltly what the perfect and just form of time seems like, just what career they’ve got, where they live and what type of breaks they simply take? Consider getting more flexible inside reasoning.


  • Just what are your objectives? Do you actually imagine simply creating a profile, posting your own photos after which sitting back and awaiting your knight or princess to make upwards within email? Opt to be hands-on. Take pleasure in the process, whether it’s perhaps not fun next question that which you could do in another way.


  • Be free from what you’re looking. What’s the ideal end result available? Know what it indicates for you to stay a relationship. Be honest whenever asking yourself  what you’re in search of in a relationship. Are you wanting a brief phrase fling, a routine supper or theater time or could you be available to finding really love and a spouse? End up being obvious in your brain and honest online.


Can you think you’ll find really love online? The way you respond to this concern gives you your solution!



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