A World Made of Cubes

This will of course be the first thing you notice when playing ‘Minecraft’: Everything is made of cubes…
Boring, right? Wrong!

Even though the graphics and animations aren’t top-notch like for example in the new game ‘Watch Dogs’, this game is still fantastic for letting your imagination flow and do or create whatever it may be that your heart desires.


Not only can you build impressive castles or construct extraordinary figurines, you can also turn Minecraft into your own little adventure world.
With the multiplayer mode available for playing with a friend over a server or even a LAN-cable, the fun is not limited to only one person.

Follow your character Steve around this exciting square world as he explores mines and crafts whatever you want him to.


For those looking for even more creative freedom there is even the option of creating your own look for your character. If you don’t like Steve but are too lazy to create a so called skin yourself, don’t worry! There are many players out there with art skills as broad as Minecraft’s possibilities who have submitted their work on several webpages, ready for (legal) download and use.

But of course, there is also the dark side of Minecraft… Every player knows that uneasy feeling of leaving your house at night to go for a peaceful walk…. When suddenly… you hear a sound, turn around, and before you stands a creeper ready to explode in your face!


However, when you are only up for building masterpieces you can say bye-bye to the bad mods of the night when playing in peaceful mode.

And the best part (maybe) of Minecraft is that as soon as you’re not happy with the ogirinal layout/ gameplay anymore, there are a ton of websites that offer mods and texture packs for you to spice up your gaming experience. For example, the  «Mo’ creatures» mod adds a bunch of exotic new creatures to your world like lions and elephants with which you can interact just like you would with the default cow or pig. And if you do prefer your graphics to be smoother- no problem! There are several texture packs available for (free) download to change the way that each block appears in the game.

All in all Minecraft shows that a game doesn’t need to have amazing graphics (or even a storyline, really) to engulf hours and hours of your valuable time. It is also a game for those who don’t really consider themselves gamers, but still enjoy letting their creativity take over every once in a while.

Here are some examples of what to do in Minecraft:

xoxo, Nicki

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